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Maree 25th Jan 2018 Activities Officer


I would also love to be apart of this. What a great idea!
I work in two facilities in NSW Australia. You can email me [email protected] Alternatively, send a letter straight away with you're reply address:
Maree Nugent
51-55 Balfour St
Culcairn NSW 2660


Maree Nugent
P.O Box 44
Holbrook NSW 2644

Looking forward to hearing what everyone is up to :)
Maree 25th Jan 2018 Activities Officer



Personally I would benefit from note taking training and tips. Otherwise it would always be beneficial just to meet with others in a similar role to compare notes and toss ideas around. I work in two very small facilities and having a network would help tenfold.
Maree 19th Sep 2017 Activities Officer


Would also like some guidance around writing progress notes. Only have my own template currently, which I created myself. I feel like it covers most things but the actually note taking can be minimal with either yes/no or 1/2 word responses. It includes;
Ability to follow instructions:
Mood/Level of enjoyment:

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Maree 19th Sep 2017 Activities Officer


Hi All,
We hold a Staff, Residents and Relatives Meeting every 6 months at our facility and I like to run an activity afterwards including the family members. Last meeting I ran an activity on reminiscing, using Life Books and a reminiscing card/questions game.
Our next meeting coming up I'd like to base my activity around re-connecting and maybe play some quick games on 'how well we know each other'. Wondering if anyone else has done/had success with any games/activities like this or surrounding this topic? All suggestions/ideas welcome. Thank you.
Maree 9th Aug 2017 Activities Officer


Hi Nicole,
I had a co-worker bring in this gorgeous book called Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. Although it is a children's book, I'm confident the residents will enjoy it. A beautiful story they can relate to and hopefully have a laugh about. Otherwise I find they enjoy well-known poems, daily news articles or we have even read chapter books- the best been a book which was a compilation of letters from a POW in WWll. That way they didn't necessarily have to keep up with the story line as each chapter was a new letter and a new topic.
Hope this is helpful. Happy reading!