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Karin 7th Mar 2018 Recreation Therapy


CRAFTS! Looking for some ideas for great crafts! I feel like I have done so many crafts that my brain is fried and nothing on pinterest stands out anymore. What crafts have you done that your residents loved?! Even better if you have a picture! My residents are in supportive living, so they are pretty capable of anything! Thanks in advance!
Karin 2nd Nov 2017 Recreation Therapy



I'm also in Canada! Inter-generational activities are awesome if you can organize a day care or youth group to come in and play games, do a craft, or read with your seniors. Music bingo, baking, ring/ bean bag toss are also good.
Karin 21st Mar 2017 Recreation Therapy


Awesome! I would have to do the same with my boss. My email is [email protected]. Send me an email and we can discuss details!
Karin 17th Mar 2017 Recreation Therapy


Hi everyone!

I am an activity convener in Alberta, Canada and I am interested in starting a pen pal/ email relationship with a seniors facility in a different country. Ideally I think Australia would be great as I could tie in an arm chair travel session to Australia. I have about 70 residents, higher functioning. Would anyone be interested?