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Nina 21st Jul 2020 Activities Director


Anybody else facing this challenge?
We are in "lock down" in room only - week 3. 42 residents
I lost my office due to being located in the covid unit, I lost my assistant due to the needs of floor staff and I am told to stay as much as possible out of the rooms of the residents.
I have no activities aid on the weekend so activities is only 40 hours a week. The aids on the floor have a combination of "do not care", "don't know" or "no time" to help out with activities.
I am wearing full on PPE- the picture is from last week and I am now in a full body suit - one for each wing. I have to switch between my 3 PPE all the times...
I have mostly dependent , dementia residents.
Anybody else in this situation and how do you keep going?
How do you call bingo or 1 or 2 people at a time in their rooms in bed and without running out of breath and enthusiasm?
How do you create excitement?
Nina 16th Jul 2020 Activities Director


HI Amanda, We are in lock down and all residents are in their rooms only.
I have 6 new ipads here for my residents and they are used in our covid unit so that they can stay in touch with their loved ones.
I use it for daily religious /spiritual services, or as we have residents from different countries TV in their native language, music the same. I use it for memory care for showing funny videos of animals: puppies and kittens works great!
I also use it for zoom or face time with their families. The ipads are cleaned between each use and are maintained by myself
About 6/7 residents per ipad
It is awesome I received a grant from the state to purchase the ipads and they are such an enrichment for my residents!
Nina 16th Jul 2020 Activities Director


MDS has added a section for Covid, and how we try to support the individual on a physical , phycological and emotional basis. I write in my progress notes how the residents are being supported in their rooms and with 1:1. Also I have for each resident who is independent what they like to do in their rooms on an individual basis. Each resident has a careplan for 1:1. I write also on when they are using facetime or zoom, or have thier own cell phones to stay in touch wiht their families, or when they have window visits.
Nina 16th Jul 2020 Activities Director

Daily Bingo Challenge

Great idea, but did not work, all my residents lost interest and were thoroughly confused about it - staff liked it though.