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Lalaine 2nd Jun 2018 Life Style Officer

12 Tips for Writing Progress Notes

This site is really helpful and useful. I am so thankful and glad that I joined this site. People here were great!!! Love you all
Lalaine 19th Dec 2017 Life Style Officer

End of Year Message 2023

Merry christmas and Happy new year to everybody!!!
Lalaine 6th Nov 2017 Life Style Officer

Be The Change You Want To See

what I observed in our workplace, the staff are lack of education, knowledge, and information what is the real meaning of
person-centered. all that they know is they need to finish the task like showering, changing pads, and feeding. The connection between the resident and the staff were disconnected.
Lalaine 21st Sep 2017 Life Style Officer


Thank you, Talita
Lalaine 18th Sep 2017 Life Style Officer


Hi there,
May I request if we can have a proper education regarding writing a care plan and progress note. so I can learn these important things.

Lalaine 8th Sep 2017 Life Style Officer


Hi there, Im very interested to learn what terminology use in Progress note. I wish someone will share . Im doing nail care and hand massage
Lalaine 25th Apr 2017 Life Style Officer

Hand Massage & Nail Care

It's feeling good for resident when they have both treatments but it takes time especially while doing this you are interacting with resident, they feel so special and confidence and non stop laughing.
Lalaine 29th Mar 2017 Life Style Officer

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

This is great! it gives me lots of ideas and information. Thank you for creating and helping us. Everything are here, I wish it will give us more so we can improve our activities cater for elderly.
Thank you