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Christine 2nd Jun 2021 Support Worker

The Benefits of Eating Spinach

What a wonderful article, the information as well as the visual aspect, makes it very appealing,
Thank you
Christine 10th Dec 2020 Support Worker

Italian Quiz

Thank you for all things Italian, it is very helpful and and is a great reminiscence tool for my Italian clients
Christine 23rd Nov 2020 Support Worker

Vegetable Quiz

Thank you for this, it will be useful for In- home activity support.
Christine 26th Oct 2020 Support Worker

Dog Bingo

Thank you, this will be a great addition for our community, many thanks Christine
Christine 5th Oct 2020 Support Worker

3-Minute Seated Exercise

Thank you very much Gwyneth for the activities you provide, I just realized I have saved a number of them for my work in Aged Care and Dementia, thank you again. Christine W
Christine 28th Jul 2020 Support Worker

Spain Landmark Posters

Thank you for the wonderful resources, Spain Landmark posters have printed up really nicely
thank you again, Christine
Christine 30th Jun 2020 Support Worker

Create Your Own Crossword!

Thank you for the `Create your own Crossword' template, I have just used it to make a `Chocolate' crossword for World Chocolate day. Golden Carers is a wonderful resource
Christine 24th Feb 2020 Support Worker

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

Thank you Kim, a great idea
Christine 29th Aug 2019 Support Worker

The Seven Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Thank you Molly, a most helpful article
Christine 11th Mar 2019 Support Worker

Oh Soldier Soldier Song Reenactment

Clare,thank you for posting.This was a great success at our Dementia day program and brought a lot of laughs from staff, volunteers and our members.
I'm now looking for other ideas, and was wondering about,
`There was an Old lady who swallowed a fly etc, with appropriate props?
Kind Regards