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Christine 29th Aug 2019 Support Worker

The Seven Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

Thank you Molly, a most helpful article
Christine 11th Mar 2019 Support Worker

Oh Soldier Soldier Song Reenactment

Clare,thank you for posting.This was a great success at our Dementia day program and brought a lot of laughs from staff, volunteers and our members.
I'm now looking for other ideas, and was wondering about,
`There was an Old lady who swallowed a fly etc, with appropriate props?
Kind Regards
Christine 11th Jul 2018 Support Worker

Whiteboard Word Game

Thank you, what a great idea. To encourage participation we could also use the name of a group participant down the whiteboard as set out above and use the categories as listed above or choose different categories. Thank you for sharing
Christine 27th Mar 2018 Support Worker

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

Thank you for this game, I have used it with 2 separate groups with differing cognitive abilities including dementia and all participants loved it. I have now been asked for new questions to add. Thank you again Christine
Christine 17th Apr 2017 Support Worker

The Vicar's Cat

Love the idea of this game, the title could also be `My Best Friends Cat'
also had a thought that we could print and laminate Large alphabet letters to assist/prompt those that have difficulty remembering the alphabet. Thank you `Golden Carers'