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Bryony 27th May 2019 Activities Coordinator

The 1940s Project

can you provide any templates for the clothes please?
Bryony 29th Mar 2019 Activities Coordinator

Colour by Dice Game

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Bryony 7th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator


I have been given the task of writing 3 case studies on residents for when CQC visit.
I have no idea where to start, any help will be great please and examples.

Bryony 10th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator

Story Writing Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Story Writing Game
Bryony 5th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator

Newspaper Clippings Elvis Presley

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Newspaper Clippings Elvis Presley
Bryony 4th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator


thankyou x
Bryony 2nd Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator


Good afternoon,
I am looking for advice regarding residents access to computers and technology in my care home. we have a wifi password for guests and residents to access but i am wanting to improve the free access residents have to technology i have one lady who misses doing her internet banking and checking her facebook account. she can not an ipad because her fingers don't respond well on the screen. i want to put a proposal forward to the management and the owners of the home asking for a computer area to be set up in a communal area of the home.
Help please any information you can help me with i've tried searching CQC website for an article i can use as evidence that they look for this on inspections. (not had much luck) or is there a Golden Carers guild i can use.
any help will be great. thankyou x
Bryony 24th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator


I am looking for unique Christmas party theme ideas:
we have a big big turn out had over 200 for our summer BBQ and Christmas we expect the same and they are expecting BIG theme after the success of a circle summer party.
Last year we did UGLY JUMPER party so looking for something unique and memorable please x