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Sandra 21st Mar 2019 Lifestyle


I have a client who is vision impaired and loves coming to Bingo for the social side. I sit next to her and whisper the Bingo numbers and she calls them out with great pride. In between Bingo games, I have verbal quiz questions, which she enjoys immensely. Simple adaption of activities gives her the opportunity to be actively involved which in turn builds her self esteem, thus providing meaningful activities regardless of diagnosis or disease.
Sandra 23rd Jan 2019 Lifestyle

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Is it just me, trying to personalise my calendar, I am having trouble entering my activities. I'm using 10pt and still not able to fit three activities on one day.
Sandra 19th Sep 2018 Lifestyle

Sundowning: Symptoms, triggers & strategies

I call this time a winding down time. Mellow music is played, quiet time with massage, colouring and simple watercolours, aromatherapy, atomizer with lavender and lemon works well. I work as 1:1 complex needs support. I have found this technique to be very effective.
Sandra 20th Dec 2017 Lifestyle

12 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

Awesome resources, love Golden Carer's. Keep up the good work and thank you for getting our team through the year once again. Merry Christmas to all.
Sandra 5th Jul 2017 Lifestyle

Beer Sing-Along

Brilliant resources from Golden Carers, well done keep it coming...