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Karen 26th Sep 2018 Activities Co-ordinator


Hi Anne
Thank you for replying we do have some relatives who bring in their dogs but the residents have asked for some thing more regular. I will try the website you suggested. Thank you
Karen 20th Sep 2018 Activities Co-ordinator


Does anyone in the UK have pat dogs come in to their nursing homes. I am in Shropshire and have been trying to find some one with dogs or animals to visit.
Karen 3rd Mar 2018 Activities Co-ordinator


Hi Kerry
I am also in the UK and this is my 1st year doing activities. Most of the residents have middle to late dementia. So I have only a few residents able to participate in physical activities. We did manage flower arranging and arranged a tea party and with a singer for later for everyone to enjoy. This site has been invaluable for ideas for almost everything.

Karen 8th Jun 2017 Activities Co-ordinator

Match Ups

I have used this activity and it has been very good thank you . I have used it as a reminiscence tool aswell and that was very popular especially with the men as they are quite difficult sometimes to find activities for.
Karen 7th Jun 2017 Activities Co-ordinator


Firstly I would like to say thank you for all the ideas and resources. I have recently started doing activities in a home for Dementia residents in England most of whom have very little cognitive ability and some who are end of life. Plus I currently have very little resources so I am having to start from scratch not just with equipment, ideas but encouraging the staff and residents in supporting the activities. Management have been supportive and helpful but it is a long process with such diverse levels of residents who have not had much social interaction. How can I get everything together quicker as I feel I am supporting individuals but with 40 residents lots of them are still being left with no stimulation and I am feeling I should be doing more. Any help or advise would be very welcome. Thank you.