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John Sue Pauline

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Sue 26th Sep 2018 Diversional Therapy


Hi Wendy,
Ask your Residents if anyone had a family member in the war, find out their name, where they were born, any information you can get will help in the search. You can search them in UK archives and print them out. Then read them out to everyone and present the file to the Resident. You can't believe how proud they are. Also play the songs that came out in that war and have a sing-a-long. You can also make crepe paper poppies.
Sue 11th Jul 2018 Diversional Therapy


Hi Everyone,
I am trying to set up a mobile shop that I can take to the different wings of our home.
Has anyone any ideas on what to stock on the trolley. I do shopping for people weekly but Management want a mobile one.
I have a list of what my regulars buy but need some other ideas that may interest other Residents.
Thank you for any suggestions