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Emma 11th Aug 2017 Activity Coord

Guess How Old They Are Now

I played this yesterday and it was a mixed response, i did replace some of the people as im in the UK and we didnt know who regis kelly was, but other than that it was a good game. I did it in a one to one setting as well, as some residents dont like joining in the group game and this worked very well.
Emma 7th Aug 2017 Activity Coord

Guess How Old They Are Now

Im going to give it a go, some times i find guessing games hard but i might use an incentive to spure them along! and we have a few local celebs so ill add them in too, thank you for posting
Emma 29th Jun 2017 Activity Coord


The writer Gervaise Phinn writes full books but they are broken down into sections, hes really funny and my residents love taking it in turns or letting me read the book aloud. If you have any retired teachers they will love him, as he was one and has a lot of funny observations on children and wokring in schools.
Emma 29th Jun 2017 Activity Coord

Story time

Just done this with residents, it took them a moment to get it but once they did it was great! thank you!
Emma 16th Jun 2017 Activity Coord


Ill give it a go, dancing and music is on thing im trying to really use, iv read that turning the TV off and putting music on can help when trying to get their attention.
Emma 15th Jun 2017 Activity Coord


Hello, Im having trouble with motivating residents, homes are quite hot and when its hot outside also it seems to send them all to sleep and its very hard to get them motivated without them having challenging behviour. i do a variety of things for resident lots of trips and entertainers in, as well as crafting, word games to get the mind going and playing ball games and parachute. but approaching them to get them to join in is hard for me, im not loud person anyway and i dont want to dissapoint staff so any ideas that would help would be amazing.

thank you
Emma 6th Jun 2017 Activity Coord


I have just done this theme, i printed out loads of famouse actros and actresses weddings from their era as well as the royal family as we are in england and they love them. i mixed their own pictures in there as well so all the hallways and living rooms had something to look at. also i managed to get a few dresses and hung them about for people to look at, reaching out to the families was great help to me as they gave me loads of things, even let us try the dresses on if we wanted which was of great amusment to the residents and staff