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Activities From County Dublin, Ireland

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Celia 12th Dec 2017 Activities


A BIG Thank you for all your great activity ideas and suggestions. An amazing resource for anyone looking for ways to enrich the lives of the elderly or those with dementia. Caring for and involving people with dementia has improved worldwide due to Golden Carers. Your ideas bring smiles and fun to so many. Special Christmas wishes to all your team and also to carers/activity teams and keep up the good work. Celia, Dublin, Ireland.
Celia 3rd Aug 2017 Activities

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

A VERY BIG Thank you to Susan & all who helped with providing the activity/residents survey forms.Both excellent and will be of benefit to our residents and planning of our activities.Much appreciated.Keep up the good work.
Celia 17th Jul 2017 Activities


Hi all, Just wondering if you have an audit form/template we could use for activity reviews here in our nursing home.??