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Debra 2nd Jan 2018 Aged Care Carer


Have had an awesome year with activity ideas and quizzes . We have done mad hatters high tea. Lots of quizzes Melbourne cup .easter parades and hats all have gone down a treat with residents and staff a like . Keep up the good work and have a happy new year to all at golden carers

Debra Gaiz
Debra 5th Oct 2017 Aged Care Carer

Imperial & Royal Titles Word Search

We are conducting our first multicultural day next Tuesday we are starting with England and hopefully going around the world . We are a small facility but we have a lot of different nationalities both in residents and staff. Here's hoping that we are off to a good start and looking forward to many more wonderful ideas from all of you at golden carers
Debra 9th Aug 2017 Aged Care Carer

Social Outing Evaluation Form

Looking for ideas for what sort of questions to put in an evaluation form
Debra 9th Aug 2017 Aged Care Carer


Tnank you so much for the Evaluation sheet, it looks so simple, I thought I would have to ask each person a whole list of questions about the activities involved
Debra 7th Aug 2017 Aged Care Carer


hi Maria if you find an Activity Evaluation form I could use as a guide as well. I could use your help looking for one
Debra 17th Jun 2017 Aged Care Carer


I'm doing a mad Hatter theme tea party next Saturday, wish I had of seen some of your ideas first, it looks amazing
Debra 17th Jun 2017 Aged Care Carer

Songs for Seniors Quiz

thank you so much for the time you have put into such a wonderful quiz, the oldies ( I say with much affection) enjoyed the song quiz for seniors so much