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Sunshine 20th Feb 2020 Activity Director

Valentines crafts

We made these but we tied them instead of sewing them. The residents loved them!!
Sunshine 3rd Apr 2019 Activity Director


The movies we have shown are all ones we have purchased. We have never shown bootlegs or copies of any sort.
Sunshine 26th Mar 2019 Activity Director


Has anyone ever run into problems with showing movies to residents? We have received multiple correspondence telling us we are not allowed to show movies (DVDs, VHS) of any kind to the residents since we do not have the copyrights to the movies. We are told we are only allowed to show them television and if we continue to show them movies via DVD and VHS we will be fined. We have looked into this and it looks to be legitimate. ???
Jessica 16th Jan 2018 Activity Director

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

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