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Lydia 30th Jan 2021 Program Director

Twister Bean Bag Toss

I used what I had... CD Twister...
Residents throw 10 old cd's and try to get them in colored circle. We play several bean bag games and wanted to try something that felt different in their hands.
Lydia 19th Dec 2018 Program Director

Countdown to Noon!

you tube has great countdowns
Lydia 3rd Jul 2018 Program Director


I have a ROKU and Netflix, am looking for a weekend show or program to watch with residents. Any ideas? Movies are too long
Lydia 28th Mar 2018 Program Director


I had to do an in-service on my department which took longer than 15 minutes. Do you do a daily stand up? Maybe you can describe a little daily?

Still want to share what I did for in-service.....I made a ACTIVITIES BINGO game, each square had an activity on it: seated exercise, eating in the dining room instead of room, putting mail away when it arrives... etc.

When I called out a "square" I asked to give 3 reasons WHY/HOW it was important and not just another thing to put on the calendar. Some other staff over the years have said... "Your job isn't hard, you just hang out all day." Everything I put on my calendar has purpose for the resident. If my co-worker gave 3 reasons I gave them a candy bar or snack bag of chips, or soda.

If they couldn't give me a reason why/how it was important I told them why I thought it was important...
1.) Seated exercise: movement, socialization, accomplishment when the resident can remember the routine, or lead routine, memories associated with music, laughter, meeting new people
2. Eating in dining room instead of getting a room tray: movement (for some this is the only exercise they get!), socialization (table mates, speaking to servers, dietary staff, seeing other residents), the smells of the kitchen can spark memories, nutrition (my residents always eat more when they are with others)
3. Putting the mail away when it arrives: I used to work at a facility where the mail was just left at the front desk instead of being put straight away into individual mailboxes. Why is it important to put straight away? Some residents knew when it typically came, they made coming down to the mailboxes a part of their daily routine. It was something they looked forward to, even if the box was empty. In today's society we check our "mailboxes" ie: Facebook every hour. Socialization around the mailbox, bragging about grandkids etc...showing postcards or photos.
Lydia 14th Mar 2018 Program Director


I have started a walking group 2x a week. We have a small community and are keeping it indoors while it is cold outside. I was thinking of posting signs on the walls, possible questions.. like a walk and talk.. any ideas?
Lydia 28th Feb 2018 Program Director


St. Patricks Day simple social food ideas: (What I have served in the past, not all at once :))
Shamrock Shake- Mc Donalds or lime sherbert and sprite or 7 Up
Individual veggie cup: Asparagus, zucchini, bell pepper slices with Ranch dip in small clear glass
Guinness cupcakes

What are you serving?

Lydia 27th Feb 2018 Program Director


I have 20 St. Patricks Day postcards that we made. Would love to swap with someone.
I have 20 residents and not all get mail. I thought it would be nice to have a "Kindness Card" to post on their mail clip on door. Just for fun, maybe a monthly holiday theme.
Lydia 23rd Feb 2018 Program Director


Random Act of Kindness Mail Swap- email me [email protected]
Lydia 22nd Nov 2017 Program Director

Dice Games for the Elderly

Also, I search internet for "Roll and Cover games"
There is usually a simple object, like a heart or shamrock that has numbers circled on it that the resident tries to cover when they roll that number. You can use poker chips, candies, or BINGO daubers. Simple and fun
Lydia 22nd Nov 2017 Program Director

Dice Games for the Elderly

We play with 2 dice
Goal is to roll 1's and 5's
1=100 points
5= 50 points
Play until you get to..say 5000 or what ever time allows

Person gets 3 rolls
If you roll ALL 1's and 5's in a single roll, you get an extra roll!