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Sophie 30th Jan 2018 Activities Co-ordinator


I trained as an OT. But this job is hard as I try to do group sessions but with 45 all having intrinsic and complicated skills matches. I am the only one doing my job and wonder how many work with a team, do extra out of hours and the ratio of coordinators to clients. I do 20 hrs per week with 45 clients, I'm a qualified OT and get £8.40. Is this normal or am I being so loyal to clients that I'm being taken for a ride by owners? People think you just play games but you are people's confidante,friend and develope connections with family. Please guide me on my situation
Many thanks Sophie
Sophie 20th Nov 2017 Activities Co-ordinator

Say Hello & Goodbye in Different Languages

finally something that can include all resident, eg ethnicity, travel, dialect,schooling and personal interaction to loved ones. thanks for the insperation. a small word/action that every in the world uses many times a day. sophie
Sophie 5th Nov 2017 Activities Co-ordinator

Find Your Family Crest / Tartan

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Find your family crest/tartan