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Sharon 10th Sep 2022 Siteaide


I am so thankful that Golden cares helps me with doing my job. You all have some
great ideas. Thank you for the activities. I am so amazed about how much material
you all have on this site. It is worth the money that I pay yearly.
Sharon 1st Jul 2022 Siteaide


Thank you so much for your input. Yes ma'am I am a senior manager. I will try
your suggestion and pray that it works.
Sharon 3rd Jun 2022 Siteaide


I have a senior that I have constantly explain the rules of this facility. He is wearing the same shirt everyday as a jacket. I have even pull him to the side and talk to him about the odor. He need this program. I have tried calling his emergency contact. No answer. What do you think
I need to do in order for him to get the help that he so desperately need? How do I get him
to understand that he need to wash his clothes?