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Karen 7th Mar 2024 Lifestyle Assistant

Leprechaun #2 for St Patricks Day

We did these yesterday with a group. It was hectic but fun and social. The group worked together to produce about 5 of these and they came out so well. Great feedback from residents on how much they enjoyed this session and after an hour and a half most were still going strong. Very engaging and great way to use up lots of bits and pieces of craft paper, glitter, contact, buttons, etc.
Karen 5th Mar 2024 Lifestyle Assistant

Irish Carpet Bowls

We play this with a big sack of potatoes. Everyone sits in a circle and picks a potato out of the sack. We write the residents' name on in texta and use a swede, turnip or beetroot for the jack. Closest to the jack wins. We play several rounds. It is such a fun game, full of hysterical laughter and has staff watching as it is so entertaining watching potatoes go all over the place. To keep it special we only play it once a year for St Patrick's day. We even had a winner who took his potato back to his room to show his family, he was so proud! We invite staff to roll the jack to start the game as that is a challenge in itself.
Karen 22nd Oct 2023 Lifestyle Assistant

Quick Fire Quiz

This was great. Lots of different answers
Karen 17th Dec 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

End of Year Message 2023

Thank you for your tireless work to keep this resource constantly updated and changing. Merry Christmas and a happy and safe 2021 for you all.