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Acting RAO From New South Wales, Australia

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Jodie 23rd Mar 2020 Acting RAO


Thanks Jean,
looking forward to some photos and tips to brighten up our residents days. I have already seen the impact this is having on some of our residents and it’s heartbreaking. Now more than ever we need to step up and be there for them. I’m Looking forward to seeing everyone’s new ideas.

I’m putting together display folders for each resident with pictures of their loved ones, events they have attended, things they have been doing & more.
We already have a Pen Pal program with our local school, which continued today (letters were dropped off) but with the closures this may need to pause. So in light of that I will be implementing a regular mail service between family members and residents. This will hopefully stimulate their minds, promote happiness and keep families connected. These can be simple cards or letters either way they will be staying connected to loved ones.
I will be looking into setting up a Skype account to help with face to face communication (from a distance).

As most of our external services have been postponed I have contacted contacted local parishes and some are going online. Which will hopefully provide the religious connection.
So this may be something happening in your area.
We will be implementing smaller groups with different stations.

Looking at any suggestions ❤️

Live smart and stay safe.
Jodie 22nd Mar 2020 Acting RAO


Jean do you have a template of what your daisy looks like as it sounds fabulous
Jodie 21st Mar 2020 Acting RAO


Looking forward to reading more.