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Rosalind 9th Jul 2017 Volunteer


I have recently started volunteering at an assisted living facility which provides very few activities for the residents. Most of the residents return to their rooms after eating and nap or watch television. The abilities of the residents range from fairly severe dementia to physical limitations only. I would like to engage the residents in activities, but it is hard to include them all at one time; there is nobody to help; and any money I spend comes out of pocket. Although I am not a paid activities caregiver, I feel bad for the residents and would like to help without spending all of my free time at the facility. Any suggestions?

Also, there are several resources which others might find helpful. They are the magazine "Creative Forecasting"; the website Enchanted Learning, and for craft and activity supplies try "S&S Worldwide." Also, the Nintendo Wii system offers exercise, dance, and sports games.