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Pat 22nd Jan 2019 Volunteer

How to Avoid Burnout

YES !!! We all put our heart and soul to make a difference in these beautiful folks.
I believe working back to back --- from one activity to another without a break is not good. You should have a little breather refresh yourself before you get set for the next activity. I totally agree how exhausted it is.... However, at the end of the day you are so happy for having done a great job...
I strongly suggest that you have a break --- with a vacation at the end of one year or even a little less than one year... You can begin with a refreshed feeling.
I experienced a burn out... and if I go back think what I would have done differently, it would have been a total break for a nice calm vacation... which I did not do...
We are emotionally and even physically involved with these beautiful people also with the rest of the workers and want to keep our positive smiling energies pouring out to them.
My advice to you is taking a little break in between activities (may be a few minutes) and when you reach one year definitely a break a vacation.
Love you all keep up your beautiful work......

Pat 21st Oct 2018 Volunteer

The Power of Touch in Senior Care

I have a couple of afternoons dedicated for hand massage and manicure which I have found to be very successful in calming residents who are aggravated and tired. I will offer my two hands and give them the option of accepting me and they do. Some relaxation music and a hand rub keep them connected as well as keep them calm for a long time. I have the care managers join in this beautiful ritual ; some do the manicure..
Pat 18th Oct 2018 Volunteer


I did with one handbag. They really had fun. I tried this as a group... as well as one on one. Both worked well.
Pat 17th Sep 2018 Volunteer


Thank you Talita and Molly for your encouragement. Yes !!! sorting the handbag worked so well. They even laughed when they saw a kitchen sponge and laundry pegs among the items to sort out for the hand bag.
Pat 12th Sep 2018 Volunteer


I love Goldencarers. I began working with Memory Care about an year ago. Golden carers came for my rescue. I am usually creative, but when it comes to settling to a limited number of activities I go blank. Because everything seem to be good. Golden Carers have helped me sort out my brain.
I love the Handbag sorting. This I believe is so appropriate for my population I work with. I am going to try this tomorrow... when I get back to work. I believe this can be done with a group and it will be fun everyone watching while the other person sorts out.

Love you Golden Carers !!!
Pat 23rd Aug 2018 Volunteer

Games for People Living with Dementia

What I do is, I get all the residents to gather around. I prefer this exercise in the morning after their breakfast. Use some upbeat music like 50s 60s cha-cha... do an exercise like exercising with the noodles. Lots of verbalizing ... "One Two cha-cha -Cha" They get very energetic. However, if some are still sleeping... go to them in person and try to move in front of them... I have been successful if having everyone laughing and enjoying every moment. Even if they don't participate, they enjoy watching.... Good Luck !!!
Pat 1st Jul 2018 Volunteer

The Power of Touch in Senior Care

Yes !!!
I totally believe in a precious touch.... I am able to experience the energies we exchange with that gentle touch and your voice that give them the safety and assurance they need. Well, I cannot imagine how a very aggressive resident who is expressing her feelings with anger can be calmed with your touch and your voice. I will sing a song and I can see an instant transformation..... I love this job...
Pat 21st Jun 2018 Volunteer

4th of July Jell-o Dessert

I was thinking of a July 4 activity and I just see this. I will certainly try this for fourth of July.

Taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU for the activity ideas. This website is my saviour.