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Maude 17th May 2018 Activity Co-ordinator

True or False Quiz #1

Great Quizz! Thanks so much for all the ideas! (from Ireland where my residents LOVE quizzes)!
Maude 19th Dec 2017 Activity Co-ordinator


I've organised a Super Christmas Bingo, with prizes for all. On top of the usual prizes, I've made small personnalised present for each of them present (there will be about 15 staying that day). I will ask all of them to choose one number within the range of numbers before starting the game. (This way even the ones that don't want to play will still get something and be interested. When the number is called I'll give them their presents.
I've found necklaces in charity shops for the women (about 2euro each) and I've laminated pictures of their hometown/place for the men. Plus a couple of chocolates each.

I realise it may be a bit late to start on a project like that at this stage but it may give ideas.
Good luck