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Activities Assistant From England, United Kingdom

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Mila 26th May 2022 Activities Assistant


Sincerely happy being a member to Golden carers . The support and ideas on activities are marvellous. My residents love them.
Mila 9th Oct 2019 Activities Assistant


Hi my job is Activities Coordinator in a nursing home in the UK and yes my residents would love to communicate through writings .They would love to have friends from another country. Please email me at [email protected]
Mila 8th Oct 2019 Activities Assistant


I had that problem years ago when residents were more able and they had the idea that those activities don’t suit them or they think it’s childish. So I started with an activity that involved a lot of them who are cognitively and physically able. We made a 4 seasons project . Summer, winter, autumn and spring in collages form .Residents who loved to do arts they made collage.. Residents who like outdoor walking ,I took them out to pick dry leaves and tiny branches. Residents who are poetic wrote their poems of each season. It took us 2 months .( 2 times a week art and crafts but well enjoyed by everyone who felt bored, Since then they came out more to join activities. But first ask what they like as it has to come from them.
Mila 26th Jun 2019 Activities Assistant


Thank you so much for the many wonderful as well as different ideas that I picked from the Golden Carers ...It’s been a great help to me in delivering activities with the residents. Great resources for a good price.Thanks again.
Mila 27th Feb 2019 Activities Assistant

Redefining Roles: 10 Principles of Person-Centered Care

I love everything that I read here... Giving me lot of ideas and support. Many thanks..
Mila 19th Aug 2018 Activities Assistant

7 Days of Activities for National Assisted Living Week

Thank you so much Golden carers website.. it is giving
me lot of support and ideas to share it to the Residents am caring for...We had some beautiful activities this summer and the residents have enjoyed...