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Janet 16th Feb 2021 Group Leader

It Happened in February Quiz

I love your quizzes which are enjoyed by my group.
They were quick to tell me the answer to Question 1 is George VI not George IV. I thought I would let you know.
Janet 28th Apr 2020 Group Leader

Motown Quiz

Hi there, I've just been reading through this quiz thinking I might use it tomorrow.

Are you aware questions 5 and 16 are the same? The answers are the same too.
Janet 22nd Apr 2020 Group Leader

It Happened in April Quiz

This is a great quiz. We are so pleased to have access to these great resources. Although our Reflections Friendship Group for people with dementia and their carers cannot meet in person, we are delighted that quite a few of our group have been able to join our Zoom online group including two people who live alone with dementia.

We always use one of your quizzes and yesterday we used this one. We break the quiz into two parts and mute everyone while the quiz questions are being read out. Then we invite people to put their hand up if they know the answer. They are then unmuted to say what it is. Everyone enjoys the online session and a chance to be with their friends. We even allocate people to virtual rooms at the start to chat in smaller groups.

Whilst we cannot change the circumstance we are in, we can make the best of them. Your resources are helping to bring some fun to our group. Thank you from me in the UK.
Janet 8th Jan 2019 Group Leader

End of Year Message 2023

Happy New Year Solange and team. Our group love your activities and we are truly impressed by the amazing things available. Thank you for all you do on our behalf.

Here's to a good year for us all!
Janet 19th Sep 2017 Group Leader

Halloween Quiz II

Thank you.
Janet 6th Sep 2017 Group Leader

Halloween Quiz II

This quiz is great. I am loving the resources available which our forthnightly dementia friendship group are loving

Is there a Halloween Quiz 1 as I have been looking but can't seem to find it. Can you point me in the right direction please.