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Edie 25th May 2022 Life Enrichment Specialist

Great Minds Think Alike Word Game

I am trying this game today with some higher functioning residents. I will award the point to the one whose answer is different from all the rest. Let's see who can come up with the most unique answer!
Edie 15th Sep 2017 Life Enrichment Specialist

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

I went to thrift stores and collected Frisbees as props. We pretend like we're driving and the frisbee is our steering wheel. We need to turn our necks to do our shoulder checks etc... There are a variety of other activities you can do with them as well. I also use thera-bands to strengthen and add variety. With a good joke at the beginning, good music throughout and a back rub at the end, it's a winning ticket. By offering variety and social interaction, I was able to take the group from 4 to 14 participants in 2 weeks time. You could also take PVC pipe, fill with sand and cap each end to create varying weight bars.
Residents love these!
Edie N.
Oshkosh, Wi
Edie 24th Aug 2017 Life Enrichment Specialist

Pot Luck Quiz 3

I wish these word games came in larger font.