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Fiona 13th Jan 2021 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord


we had a joint conveyor belt covid minded project. those who enjoyed woodwork nailed a plain scrap of material on to a corkboard then those who liked drawing/art marked out a simple circle or square designs with chalk or tailor's chalk, this was then moved back to the woodworkers who hammered small tac nails on the outline of the design this was then passed onto the weavers who used silver and gold threads to wrap around the nails to fill in the designs as they wished. we have two of the pieces of art on display. We had a real working atmosphere there was chatting, suggestions given to and fro even those that were less capable with poor motor skills were given a job eg. holding the thread. A worthwhile satisfying activity with a physical achievement at the end to take home.
Fiona 12th Jan 2021 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord


Just a few suggestions for you Wendy, they may be helpful to some of your clients: nuts n bolts-large 3 to 4-inch bolts with matching nuts and washers. I gave them to clients who were from mechanic and engineering backgrounds. I place them in a deep tray and put them on their laps (you may need to separate them in sections for some clients) then ask the client to match them up however they can, ready for me to use later.
Football match: this can be used for a mixed capability group of clients. Laminate pictures of different football teams' shields A4. Laminate smaller sizes of the names of those teams, pictures of very famous footballers from those teams in the era of those clients you are playing with, the name of the football grounds, and the team's nickname. Place them on some artificial grass. Ask clients to match them up. This is a tactile, visual, social, and cognitive activity. I have used this format for other subjects according to the clients that attend for example cars; I place them on gravel and instead of shields I use the car's emblem and miniature models of the cars. All sensory and thought-provoking
Fiona 12th Jan 2021 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord

School Days Reminiscing Cards

Great! used this for a whole day's themed session. As always we decorate the whole centre on these days and the staff dress up. We provided school ties and school hats to our clients for the day and had typical School diner lunch, reminiscing in the morning and physical school games in the afternoon; marbles, hula hoop, french skipping, floor noughts and crosses the list goes on. A FUN day had by all.
Fiona 21st Oct 2020 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord


Why not use a stick string and hook for all the halloween games such as apple bobbing eat the doughnut
Fiona 30th May 2019 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord

Wear The Hat Tell The Story

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Fiona 6th Oct 2018 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord

Broom and Pumpkin Race

i found it safer to have a 'leg/Heat' of the tournament just for for the clients who use wheelchairs, then in the final round all the winners of the 'heats' race against each other meaning less chances of collision.
Fiona 1st Oct 2018 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord

Broom and Pumpkin Race

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Broom and pumpkin race