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Rachel 27th Feb 2021 Activities


We play "Penny Bingo" so our residents get a penny for each Bingo they call off. It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. When they get 100 pennies then they can turn them in for a dollar. We give them little containers to put their pennies in, but sometimes I have to check their rooms to find them. If they don't turn them in it doesn't really matter anyway.
Rachel 28th Sep 2018 Activities


Anyone have any ideas on what to do for residents verbally aggressive toward staff? They do not have any Dementia or health issue that would make them more aggressive. The family says she has been like this all their life. People in authority have talked to this person, with no effect. Thinking it is a power issue and we have tried give them things of importance to do. Any thoughts?
Rachel 6th Jul 2018 Activities


Hi Robyn,

We have a weekly flowers and crafts class here. I submitted letters to small local grocery stores (bigger stores aren't always willing to work with you) asking for donations of flowers that are past "expiration date", but still have flowers that are usable. Let the stores know you will put something in your newsletter so everyone knows where the flowers are coming from. I have a volunteer that calls the store every week to check with the stores and picks them up if they have any. If they don't we do a craft project that we keep prepped just in case we don't get any flowers. Then we don't have to cancel our class. We make the flower arrangements for our dining room tables. If we don't have flowers we try and make something to decorate the tables. We also get them from local funeral homes and weddings. Sometimes they will drop them off at your facility.