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Paul 4th Sep 2017 Caregiver For My Wife

How to Avoid Burnout

Hi, I am new to this site and I signed up for membership just to read this article. I worked as a caregiver for just a few years and experienced burn out very early in my career. The nursing home I worked at was one of the better places to work at in my city, but that being said, we were grossly understaffed. I was new to the field, didn't have the experience, and was very slow. There were too many residents and there was not enough time to humanely give the residents I worked with the support they needed. Eight residents up and washed in an hour and a half before breakfast. It was too much for me and I moved to another floor to work the evening shift. I had eight hours to assist residents with getting ready for bed. This made a lot more sense and I began to love and care for my residents and felt more at peace performing my duties. No, I wasn't home in the evenings with my family, but I had much more peace of mind, contentment and a lot less stress. Thank you for sharing this article.