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Janey 15th Aug 2018 Human Being


I have been getting donated flowers for about a year now....Most come from wedding venue establishments. A local venue can have up to three weddings per weekend and I have established a relationship with them where I pick up left over/donated flowers every Monday.....super beautiful arrangements. Hotels will also donate leftover event/wedding flowers. Contact the event coordinator at the hotel....not all will help but there are nice people everywhere ;-)
Janey 1st Jan 2018 Human Being


I visit an elderly lady in a local nursing home. I am not related to her. It seems her family does not visit her often and she has few friends in the facility. Her birthday is next week. I know she has one or two acquaintances in the facility and I plan on sending them personal invitations to meet in the activity center for cake to celebrate her birthday. What else can I do to make it a special day for her and make it memorable?
Janey 5th Sep 2017 Human Being


Has anyone done a "musical chairs" version with seniors in wheelchairs?

Wondering if that might be a fun activity. Of course, I think it would be best if each resident had someone pushing their wheelchair and that person is actually the person who plops down in the musical chair.

Anyone done this or have any recommendations or suggestions?
Janey 3rd Sep 2017 Human Being


I am just a volunteer working to start a happy hour at a nearby nursing facility. The event has been approved and scheduled for the end of this month. I hope to do it monthly.

My question is.....what snacks do residents prefer?

We hope to have beer and wine and mocktails.

I want to make it nice for everyone. Should we have entertainment for the first one or just play CD's from 50's and 60's?

I realize everyone is different, just want to make it special. Anyone got a "theme" suggestion?