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Melinda 20th Feb 2018 Co-ordinator


Thankyou Nori & Kim
These are fantastic ideas and lot of them I hadn't thought of.
I am already on my way & have organised our local Dietician to do a talk very soon. I will be using all these great ideas.
Melinda 14th Feb 2018 Co-ordinator


Thanks Taryn,
this will give me a great place to start!
Melinda 9th Feb 2018 Co-ordinator


hi everyone
im after some good ideas for guest speakers for my social support group any ideas that would interest them?
im hoping to organise some morning teas with guest speakers
any ideas would be great
Melinda 19th Jan 2018 Co-ordinator


Hi everyone

Just wanted to say i started my job about 1 year ago as a coordinator for our day care group & our social support services.
i love this site how fantastic is it to have such a huge resource of information & help it has helped me in my job in so many ways.
it has also helped me to make a difference in the lives of the people in my community to give them something to look forward to each week.
well done golden carers & thankyou so much!