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Maggie 29th Nov 2017 Hca


Hi all, as im a dementia champions at wrk, where can i get info from so i can down load it to make a folder for new, old staff to understand what dementia is, and how to deal with changing behaviour from residents. Also i want to download the different types of dementia.
Thanks guys
Maggie 2nd Nov 2017 Hca


Hi Renee they can't seem to speak nor seem to understand what we saying. Like would u like a drink, and when u show them the drink, they can't understand what to do even if we assist them. Or when they keep getting up wondering they try to speak what they want but just smile.
Maggie 27th Oct 2017 Hca


Morning everyone, im looking for ideas for any form of activities for my guys i work with as they have muddle to late dementia and some are struggling to communicate with staff. Anything will be great . As im now becoming dementia champions i also need to get other staff members to understand dementia more, so any ideas how to deliver info on her the residents brain deterate would be great to. Some where i saw how they explained this using 3trees as brains. Thanks Maggie
Maggie 24th Oct 2017 Hca


Hi solange can u recommend any activities, or crafts making for the residents i work with. Most are in middle to late stage dementia. As my manager has put me dementia champions would like any advice or support on ideas for these guys thanks Maggie x
Maggie 3rd Oct 2017 Hca

Guess How Old They Are Now

Hi guys i work with middle to late stage dementia. Alot of residents are sleepy, or they find things hard to understand. Any ideas on any activities that might be worth a try. I find it frustrating when other carers just sit there. Many thanks Maggie