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Oliver 28th Jul 2020 Team Leader


Thanks all! The check list has helped, but of course it's only when he wants to do it, some days he is interested, other days, not at all.
It's no problem if he just enjoys walking, at the moment he is attending our service alone due to COVID etc we aren't open properly to all of our customers.
The work station looks great! We did order a tool box with wooden tools etc, but he didn't show much interest in that.. but can always try again!
Oliver 24th Jul 2020 Team Leader


Hi all,

I work in a day service setting for older adults with a range of different abilities.

I have one gentleman who is quite far into his dementia journey mentally, but physically walks around completely unaided. He walks around constantly, as he used to be a caretaker he likes to check on things all the time, tapping doors, chairs, light switches etc. We have compiled a 'check list' as he always thinks he is at work.
I cannot seem to get him to engage in anything for more than a couple of minutes at a time.
We've done ball games, balloon games, quoits and within minutes he will become aggressive and throw something AT you rather than TO you, often while swearing.

Any ideas of activities that may help him to remain engaged for a longer period of time?
He rarely sits down!

Thanks all.