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From Guyane, French Guiana

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JANICE 7th May 2020

Flowering Tree Drawing

We are well delighted to learn so much from Golden Carers. Thank you ever so much for these interesting ideas.. The name of our club is "LES PALMES D'OR" (The Golden Palms) We are in French Guiana in South America.
These activities are very interesting. Thnk you!


JANICE 21st Nov 2017


It is at least one week now since I discovered this website. I can assure you that I am very, very much delighted to be a member. All the information that I receive each day and as I navigate on this website I am not only learning how to deal with the elderly, but also many activities that will help my team and I to contribute to their well-being. Thank you very much for your interest and your help. Be blessed!

A big "THANK YOU" from French Guiana