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Kendra 14th Feb 2020 Recreation Therapist

Marble Sun Catchers

We made these and found they stuck to the plate. We used clear plastic bags and then put them and then put the glue on there. It took several days to dry but we cut the plastic down and they hang very nicely. A good end result!
Krysta 20th Apr 2018 Recreation Therapist

Residents Auction

We had an auction recently and it was a big hit. We had lots to auction and an auctioneer that our residents knew for a long time. Some residents just wanted to watch and as one lady said "keep a chair warm". We had a concession served after the auction was over. It is an event we will do again.
Krysta 8th Mar 2018 Recreation Therapist

Word Ladder #7

Our residents really enjoyed this game. It was stimulating but it wasn't too hard.