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Estelle 26th Aug 2023 Life Coach

This Day in History for Seniors: August - 2nd Edition

What we did today was quite fun. We went through ‘this day in history’ and then played hangman afterwards. All the words I chose, came from the information in ‘this day in history’. The residents quickly picked this up and then - once a word was identified in hangman - I asked them from which fact / detail it came. So memory was also tested. We had quite a lot of fun.
Estelle 30th Aug 2022 Life Coach

Name, Surname, Animal, Town! Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Words containing...
Estelle 26th Sep 2019 Life Coach

Inventors Word Search

These word searches are always extremely popular and a nice "gift" for the people to take home and do in their leisure time.
Estelle 25th Feb 2019 Life Coach

Words starting with F Quiz

We had a lot of Fun doing the F-word quiz, and we actually did it on the Fabulous Friday, Fifteen February. It was fun playing around with some alliteration as well. All the participants enjoyed it. I also made up my own questions in Afrikaans as most of my residents are Afrikaans-speaking. We also ventured into naming 'songs / actors / celebs / musicians / bands / movies starting with F'.
Estelle 25th Feb 2019 Life Coach

6 Whiteboard Games for the Elderly

I'm going to try this, Donna. Thanks for the share. I'll be calling it "The story of a name".
Estelle 25th Jan 2019 Life Coach

How to Support Family Members of the Elderly in Long Term Care

Great guidelines. I also like the suggestions on how to include / involve family members.