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Recreation Officer From New South Wales, Australia

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Ariane 20th Apr 2019 Recreation Officer

Multicultural Food Day

Hi everyone I am very grateful with Goldencarers website with wonderful variety ideas creative Activity fo Seniors
Happy Easter to everyone
Ariane 17th Jan 2019 Recreation Officer

Words starting with Par

I am happy with Golden Carer ideas very interesting with a variety of Activities which is very profitable fo my residents enjoyed according to their choice which is suitable for them.
Thanks to Golden Carers.
Ariane 3rd Jan 2019 Recreation Officer

Australia Day Word Finder

Thanks for Golden Carers great ideas.
Ariane 18th Apr 2018 Recreation Officer

Mother Earth Word Search

Our Residents really enjoyed doing Word search thanks for Golden Carers website for great ideas .
Regards Ariane
Ariane 10th Apr 2018 Recreation Officer

Space Travel Word Search

Wonderful Resources very informative