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Emma 24th Jan 2018 Engagement Coordinator

8 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Senior Care Homes

I have had the pleasure of taking part in 2 centenary birthdays...and on those days we have a Centenians starts off with a photo of the birthday resident, and then there is a photo & some information of each year they were alive (about things that have happened eg: WW2, JFK, TV being invented, queens jubilee etc)...and finises with a photo of how they are now. Not only is it fun and gets people talking, but it is great for younger carers to create a bridge with the more elderly residents. After the birthday, all the photos are place in a book and used as an engagement item.
Emma 9th Jan 2018 Engagement Coordinator

Play Dough Crafts

I gave some playdough to a Resident & his wife so they could do something whilst they were together (I was using it as a hand manipulation exercise really)..when he started manipulating the dough, rolling it in to a smooth ball then flattening it and then smoothing it out with a knife. The wife likened it to window putty & her husband was preparing the "putty" to replace a window with.
She was overjoyed that he was doing something of his own accord (as he is quite far along his Dementia Journey)