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Eileen 20th Dec 2023 Recreation Manager


Hello Everyone,
I bought some "punch cards" they look like business cards and they have twenty places you can punch on it. I want to punch the card when a resident attends a program. After they get their 20 punches I will give them some kind of prize (haven't come up with prize yet). Then their card goes into a box with other completed cards to be drawn every two months, and the one drawn will get a bigger prize.
My problem is, I have the same people come to my programs each day. I have 2-3 daily programs. How do I do it so they are not filling their cards up in two weeks? Do I punch the card only for the first time they come to the activity for the month? Like bingo is every Friday. Instead of punching their card every Friday, I do it once for the month of January?
Eileen 20th Jul 2023 Recreation Manager


I did your DIY bingo game using the names of residents who play bingo and all the names of the staff; both first and last names. My residents love it! They are learning everyones names and enjoy it so much when their name is called! I love Golden Carers.
Storrs, CT
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Eileen 28th Sep 2022 Recreation Manager

Halloween Bingo

I call regular bingo and to break it up a bit I use your bingo picture games. My residents love it and look forward to it.