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About Kay: Montessori trained, and now specialising in Montessori in Dementia Care

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Kay 14th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2024

Thank you so much for the template! Makes it much easier for tech challenged me to produce something professional looking!
Kay 13th Nov 2019 Activities Coordinator

Festive Placemats

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Festive Placemats
Kay 6th Nov 2019 Activities Coordinator


Hi and HELP !. We have a new manager and I need to 'revamp' my activities board. She has an idea of 'laminated activity tags' that have a picture and name eg dart board and darts, that hang under the days of the week. Does any one know where I can download & print such labels from?
Kay 2nd Jul 2019 Activities Coordinator

10 Principles of the Montessori Approach for Dementia Care

My passion as a Montessori guide so aptly put into words. Thank you. I have recently completed a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travel Fellowship to study Montessori & Dementia. This article was waiting in my inbox when I returned!
Kay 16th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator


Hi . We have had an intergenerational project running for almost 2 years now. We do crafts, games, card making etc . Each week we liaise with the childminder and decide on a topic or activity. We made table centres at christmas on log slices, we have iced gingerbread men & made banana ghosts. We are lucky to have been given a lot of materials, but before that we took it in turns to provide the necessary . Our residents love having the children around. Good luck and have fun, and prepare to be very flexible