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David 16th Feb 2019 Activity Assistant

Card Sequence Game

I cut a piece of paneling the size of the game sheet, and used Mod Poge to hold the sheet onto the wood paneling. Makes a nice game board, and they can slide the cards off the board easily, because it is a little over an eighth of an inch [7-8 mm] off the table. It's difficult for them to get their fingers under the card to lift it off, so sliding it off is much easier.
David 20th Jan 2019 Activity Assistant

Cover the Number - Dice Game

I took the template and added two more 1's , two more 2's, two more 3's, two more 4's, so now they have three 1's, three 2's, three 3's, three 4's, two 5's, two 6's, two 7's, two 8's, and one 9, 10, 11, and 12. Since so many throws of the dice are these smaller numbers, they get to cover some more numbers. It doesn't take any longer, because so often the 11 and 12 are the last numbers anyway, but now and then those numbers are covered early, then they have more numbers to cover. I often hear, "Oh, I do have a 3 and a 5, or Oh, I do have a 1 and a 4"!
They seem to have more fun, and there is room to put all those numbers in the first and fourth column. Sorry, I don't know how to attach the image.