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Activities Officer From Queensland, Australia

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Kym 6th Jul 2021 Activities Officer

Japan Fact File

My seniors group absolutely love all the armchair activities provided by Golden Carers.
We travel the world in the comfort of our little centre. I make a little booklet with the various activities for everyone to enjoy. Thank you
Kym 1st Oct 2020 Activities Officer


Hi, I printed out the picture music bingo and laminated them I draw the Call cards out of a box and hold it up and sing (not very well!) the first line of the songs. We love it at our centre! Lots of laughter! We reminisced about who wrote the songs and who sang them first, then googled each of the songs to confirm the answers.
Kym 12th Jul 2018 Activities Officer

Whiteboard Word Association Game

I do a similar game called "Fives" Pick a five letter word and write down the side and then have 5 categories across the top. We then have to find 5 items under each category.. Gets the brain cells working!
Kym 21st Jun 2018 Activities Officer

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Very helpful .. thank you so much for all your hard work