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Hank 12th Aug 2018 REC & ACT

Noodle Ball

We do this at our facility and they LOVE it!!
Hank 8th Aug 2018 REC & ACT

The Magic Table: An Interactive Game

Cool! Thanks for the info. Is it effective?
Hank 25th Jul 2018 REC & ACT

The Magic Table: An Interactive Game

Hi there

American here, they haven't branched out this far yet. Could you tell me a ballpark figure for the price of one of these? Seems like a very interesting and helpful tool. Is it a stand alone machine? Can the table be moved? Is it mounted to anything? I have a lot of questions and not very many avenues to get answers. I have contacted the company for a demo but I doubt very seriously they with come all the way here just for a demo.

Hank 27th Jun 2018 REC & ACT

Could you perhaps provide a bit more instruction/information? It would be most helpful.
Hank 2nd Apr 2018 REC & ACT

Medical Dictionary

Great filler while we wait for lunch or during a social!
Hank 29th Jan 2018 REC & ACT

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

What an awesome idea! I am in the process of trying to involve some residents in fantasy Role-Playing-Game or table top RPG (think easier dungeons & Dragons) and it was met with some derision, this might be a better alternative to that!