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Kaye 28th Nov 2019 Activities Assistant

How to Improve the Dining Experience for Seniors

Hi Deb,

I like what you are offering with your Lunch Club.

I noted that you use 'bibs'. I wonder if you would consider calling them 'clothes protectors'? This is more adult and is also truthful. I think it is a great idea for you to put on a clothes protector first to normalise the practice. Perhaps you could have different/pretty designs/colors...

Good luck with your lunch club!

Kaye (Activities worker in Melbourne, Australia)
Kaye 13th Apr 2019 Activities Assistant


Dear Simonne,

Please look after your own self.

I'm not sure how you will manage the stressful situation (do you have access to casual activity staff?) but do not risk your own physical and mental health.

Meditate each morning and put out good vibes.

Good luck!

Kaye 12th Jul 2018 Activities Assistant

Whiteboard Word Association Game


I don't understand how to play the latest Whiteboard Game.

Have you omitted some steps?

Kind regards,

Kaye 1st Jun 2018 Activities Assistant


Hi Kim,
Would it be possible to take the resident in question to the beach on an outing?
Some local bay side councils will hire out specially adapted wheel chairs which can travel on sand.
Or perhaps a long walk or wheel chair ride along a long pier.
Could you download a movie about the sea? eg. Moby Dick
Make a collage about sea creatures and other sea related items.
Create a Mermaid!
Good luck!
Kaye 25th May 2018 Activities Assistant


We hosted a 'High Tea' to honor the Royal Wedding with freshly made scones, jam and cream and other delicacies.
It worked well!
We had a 'royal quiz' and 'who is your favorite (and least favorite) royal?
We played some beautiful classical music.
I put some of my own ideas into play but the basic idea to host a high tea came from Golden Carers.
Thank you!
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Girrawheen Centre
Brighton Vic