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Margaret 27th Feb 2018 Student

5 Aphasia Activities for Senior Care

My mother suffered MND (Motor Neurone Disease), She was a very independent woman and in her younger days was an airline hostess, nurse and in the army. Imagine what it was like when she lost her speech. I was her main carer from diagnosis to her passing and one of the most frustrating this for her was people yelling at her. When someone suffers speech loss, people tend to talk to them as though they are also deaf. My mother didn't lose any faculties, just her speech and the ability to swallow. I used pictures of everything I could find on google images, even her medications were there. She would just point at the pictures if she got tired of writing on her whiteboard that she carried with her. I ended up putting a sign on her mobility devices that stated " My name is June, I can hear you, I can understand you, I just can't speak to you... Please don't yell at me" ... it worked and would divert embarrassment to both parties. Just thought I would share.
Margaret 6th Feb 2018 Student

13 Reminiscing Themes for Seniors

I love this idea.