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Meagan 10th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist

Halloween Bingo

Thank you for this!!
Meagan 6th Aug 2018 Diversional Therapist

The Magic Table: An Interactive Game

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Meagan 28th Feb 2018 Diversional Therapist

Snoezelen Rooms and Sensory Environments for Dementia Care

We have a closed dementia unit. In our sensory room I put fairy lights right along the top of the wall, using small 3g command hooks to string them along. Fairy Lights are coloured silver/white. Along the bottom of the wall I put in strobe lights, that can fade in and out different colours slowly. They come with a sticky backing, you can buy them at varying lengths, and cut them down to size. Also using fake type church candles that change different colours slowly. It is a very effective way to use colours but in a gentle way. We also have an atomizer in which I use Lavender essential oil, which lasts for 12 hours on low setting. Soft music. Soft furnishings. The items are not too pricey, I purchased the atomiser on special from Uncle Bills for $15, the lights all up was under $40 from Bunnings.
Sometimes we will have Pamper time in the sensory room also and families love to sit in the Sensory Room with their loved one.