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Elizabeth 4th Jul 2019 Activities Director


Hey there,
I am currently working as an Recreation Director in a long term care facility. Most of our Residents have dementia. In the morning everyday we do morning stretching, sometimes we put on some up beat music and bop a balloon around with the Residents in a circle, after exercise we go to the dining room for Coffee Social which usually runs 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. At Coffee Social we offer beverages and pastries and I always have an assortment of activities for everyone to choose from such as but not limited to word-searches, crosswords, coloring, doll therapy, pet therapy (electronic stuffed animals), magazines, picture books, trivia, puzzles, etc. They enjoy it when we read aloud the current events/ newspaper. Hope this helps!

Recreation Director, Coleman House
Elizabeth 9th Mar 2018 Activities Director

How to Manage Wandering in Dementia Care

Especially for sun downing and other night time behaviors-I have have been implementing a relaxation program after 6 pm the lights in the living area are dimmed. We also use some aromatherapy diffusers as essential oils can be very helpful, The aides use lavender hand lotion and give hand massages , put on some relaxing music and this can be helpful for sundowners ,night time behaviors, wandering, Helping to relax and soothe. Hope that helps!