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Jannine 1st Sep 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer

Confucius Motivational Quotes II

I have purchased a board with letters that I am going to get residents to use for a “Quote of the week “, it will be placed on a wall .Uplifting quotes
Jannine 17th Feb 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer

Wedding Photo Guessing Game

I held a Wedding photo reminiscing activity last year... A HUGE SUCCESS!!! I placed all photos on a table covered with a lace table cloth, with a vase of flowers strings of pearls etc.... looked beautiful. I then picked a photo , naming the person whose photo it was , with them telling their story as the photo was passed around the group. I had a staff members wedding photo which I asked all to guess who it was. The room was packed and residents / family members , as well as staff talked about it for weeks. I have just started running a vintage photo group , again a hit, which I will be adding to our program monthly.
Jannine 16th Jan 2019 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer

Name The Flowers Quiz #2

We have a sensory garden... for touch and smell. Plants like rosemary, curry plant , choc mint , lemon scented thyme just to mention a few. The resident is encouraged to touch the plant , rub leaves between fingers and smell. I see if they can guess what the plant is. Also sensory jars with things like coffee beans , cloves, orange peel etc... same idea... smell and guess what the contents of the jar is . Different balls.... furry, smooth , bumpy etc to touch. Music and instruments to shake or beat in time....
Jannine 3rd May 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer


I held armchair travel at my facility for the first time yesterday, visiting Thailand as I have just been on holiday. It was a huge success!!!! I had Thai music playing in the background with a diffuser spreading lovely scents through the room. Lots of colourful photographs , clothes, jewelry & other goodies on display . We talked about climate, the flag and other interesting information as well as what I got up to on my holiday. We are going to hold this activity once a month with residents deciding where the would like to travel to