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Lifestyle Coordinator From Victoria, Australia

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Jodie 7th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hello from Sydney, Australia. My name is Jodie & I am a current Lifestyle Coordinator.
We have a male resident who used to be a painter and enjoys fixing things has a habit of unpicking residents clothings. HE has gone through 6 garbage bags and it is costing a fortune for us to replace. Do you have any good activities that are something to be do fixing, or undoing things and doing them back up that may help this man be distracted from unpicking so many of our other residents clothing? we have tried so much, but have had no luck. Thank you in advance :) <3
Jodie 6th Mar 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator

Hi Deirdre, last year I got it all on 1 a3 sheet and just highlighted who they picked but im having trouble trying to find that again. but if you send it for me I can have a look that would be great :)

[email protected]
Jodie 1st Mar 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


Good morning everyone :)
Does anyone have good football tipping draw that is easy and suitable for our residents?? Kind regards