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Denise 10th Mar 2018 Manager


Since joining Golden Carers, we as in clients and staff. Have really brightened up these Gray winter afternoons. You have provided us with lots more activities more stimulating fun. Thank you looking forward to all the new things to come.
Denise 24th Feb 2018 Manager

Anagram Quiz

I too will deffinately be trying this maybe a little hard but great for staff and residents to really have great fun together. I only give one staff the answers lol. We are doing many of the things I have been looking at but also many we haven't I am very pleased we joined for more ideas . Thank you.
Denise 24th Feb 2018 Manager

Rhyming Riddles 5

It looks really helpful, we do a lot of activities, but sometimes you need some fresh ideas. This I am hoping will do just that. Kind Regards Denise . X