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Janet 13th Jul 2019 Activities Director

How to motivate residents in long term care

Hi, I have gotten 15 of our guys attending the men's group I buy pizza and we have soda and a dessert. the men enjoys talking About sports . fishing and we do some word games
Janet 25th Jan 2019 Activities Director

Pass the Haggis

I need a senior trivia does anyone know where I could find one appropriate for their age
Janet 28th Dec 2018 Activities Director

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

This new calendars is not working it will not let me enlarge the word so that the residents can read it or it keeps moving the cells on the calendar around I have several staff try to make this work but the font does not change like it should for each day it all stays the same tell me what I am I doing wrong running out of time to get this done
Janet 27th Mar 2018 Activities Director


I need some ideals for food for our Easter party