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Nancy 15th Jan 2019 CB Program Coordinator


Hi Melva , for the hearing impaired have you tried pocket talkers or headphones, even iPods where the volume can be increased? Sorting things by texture or shape, for example silverware into a flatware bin, hand massages, doing nails or
even trying a collection of essential oils on a cotton ball to guess the different sents. Gathering herbs and flowers for smelling and tasting and some of the Montessori activities for the elderly are wonderful.
Nancy 18th Sep 2018 CB Program Coordinator


We would do soup and salad luncheons with our administrative team donating one of the dishes, and would sell cheap lunches two are aids and staff. We did hot dog lunches during baseball season and also sold candy bars. In September, I would call local businesses and ask them to donate gift cards or items and we would put together a huge card basket with either a Christmas theme, or food theme. We would display the basket and sell the tickets at the front desk daily two family members , visitors and staff. Two weeks before Christmas we would have one of our dementia residents pull the winning ticket. He was a huge success and we easily made $1,000. One year we did a baseball basket with donated tickets and baseball items. That also went over well.